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What Are the Accessories Every Girl Should Own ?


If you are an outgoing fashion forward young woman you most definetely know how you want to look and make it happen. You should take care of your clothes, haircut and make up, so that you look the part. But you should never forget accessories. If you are like me you would be all about them. A wardrobe with quality basics and a stack of the perfect and right accessories is a vote for success. So what are actually the main things you should own in that department before diversing a variety? Here is an ideia.

A small go-to party bag

It is an essential because let’s face it you probably go out a lot. And you should have a purse where you put all of your essentials. And even if you are not the party goer those kind of bags work for all types of night events. There is the crossbody type which will be perfect for a venue concert or just a girls night out, because you can keep all your props near your body, so that you can’t loose them or be robbed. The small corssbody bags are offered by brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy choo, Free People. That is if you are on the higher budget and you want to invest. For the girls on the lower budget there are some great finds on asos.com for example. You bag should be one of the following types a�� either a very basic black or one colored bag or a statement one. It depends on what do you most often wear. The cluth also falls into this group of bags. If you are a clutch girl good for you. There are different options in that case too. From small to bigger. Fromstructured to soft. From basic to statement. You should choose what works best for you.

Sleek gloves

As it is right now a�� a winter you most definetely need a great pair of gloves. First of all that keep your hands warm from that awful cold outside and prevent dry sking and then they are a great accessorie to complete you whole look. You can never go wrong with a pair of black leather goods. But you can also try them in a variete of colors and materials. It depends on your whole look and the coat/jacket that you are wearing. Also keep in mind that you have to synchronize them with your bag.

Sparkly jewels

Everyone nees a little bit (or in some cases a lot) of sparkle sometimes. And those kind of accessories can totally complete your look and chane it up a bit. Go for some sparkling jewleries if you want to sparke up your life. You can start off with some earrings. Nowadays there are so many different types of those on the market that you won’t be able to choose. Another great idea is to invest into is a sparking ring. Imagine how good will your fingers look with some soft jewels on them? And don’t focus only on the ears and fingers. You can also find a great neckles with some sparkle in it. Just make sure it doesn’t overpower you.

The versatile scarf

Don’t you ever think that a versitile scarf is only a black one. A scarf can make your whole outfit. Right now into trent are the plid scarfs and the ones that are really colorful. Choose one that can be worn with many different styles and colors depending on what you want or like. I would go for a bigger and thicker one. A bigger scarfs automatically looks more up the road, more expensive and more fashion forward.

A great pair of tights

So again let’s thinka bout the fact that it is winter. And you can’t just forget about all those gorgeous dresses that you own. So that you can wear them all you should own at least one pair of great tights. They should be warm and a great fit at the same time. Probably only one pair won’t work though. Thights are something that breaks a little bit too often but you can keep a stack of diffeent styles and colors so that they go with everything you own and so that you have a back up plan.

A beanie

After you already own all of the above you can’t get throught the winter without having the beanie. It is also a piece that can change your whole look. And let’s talk about how comfy and warm they are. Oh, and let’s not forget a�� they can save a bad hairday! Right now and he previous winter in style are the beanies with something written on them. The trend was kind of set by the super model Cara Delevigne with a hat saying ‘Ain’t no wifey’. You can try out that trend and find a quote that you would like to be sitting on your forehead for a while. You can also try a bright color like pink or yellow, especially if you are one of the girls that is into black, all black, everything black. Everything but the hat!


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