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Wearing just one earring is way cooler than two


I guess almost every woman that has piereced her ears loves earrings. Some like to keep it simple and on quieter side. Those kind of women wear small earrings that don’t overpower their looks and are not a show stopper. Then there are the women that will put on statement earrings as often as possible and they love. No matter in which group you fall, you should hear that a�� it is not cool anymore to wear two earrings, now is the time of the one earring look.

This year we saw a lot of new trends (and old coming back), so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But when you think about it instead of wearing two statement erring, you put on one and that becomes even more powering to your look. Here are a few ideas and ways to wear only one earring.

You can start off with a simple outfit like a white shirt, bleather jacket and jeans. Simple, but good and you can’t go wrong by wearing that. But now after everything is so simplified you should put on something that will make you stand out in the crowd a�� a single earring! There are so many different styles of earrings that could work beeing single. It should be a drop down one. For this outfit I suggest pulled up hair and a big chain earring.

For different occasion, different kind of outfits work. For a night out I would suggest a dress in a poping color or the beloved little black dress, hair on one side and again a single earring. The chandelier type, a dangl or a fethered one will look good in that case.

I would imagine that a spike drop, any dangles and turned hoops or chandelier earrings will look good as singles. Or at least that is what the celebreties and the best bloggers have shown. For example Emma Watson has been rocking the single earring all year. We have also been seeing that trend on the runways around the world in the last couple of fashion weeks.

Althought it seems very easy to rock this style, you can actually turn up looking like someone who has just lost one of their earring and doesn’t even know. So be very careful and choose wisely when trying this new-old trend. Take some notice of the runways and fashion bloggers that have set that trend. They now kind of master it. The best way to not look stupid with only one earring is to have a hairstyle that sits on the side. So that we can only see one ear and the other one is hidden.

For sure there are many options for the one earring style. But be sure to try it out now. It is a great idea to finish that way you New Year’s outfit. The holidays are a reason for many events so find the right time and right piece of jewlery and rock the trend.

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