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The Power of Makeup Or How It Can Change Your Age


Most of the women do not like to share their age with the people around them, because the number of years you have behind your back is not important, the important thing is how old you feel. When girls are young they want not to be treated like children, but when they grow older, they want to look younger. We all know how this works a�� been there, done that. The good news is that everything is possible, and if you want to look younger or older that you actually are, there are some things you can do. You can actually change your age with makeup. And here is how!

How to look younger with makeup

First, of course, with start with fulfilling the wish of all those women who want to subtract a few years of their ID. Here are a few things you should do in this case.

First, forget about applying too much makeup. The more makeup that you add to your face, the more older you will look, especially if you apply more makeup to your eyes. But then you will think, that if you wear no makeup, your birth date will show right through. Well, in this case you should cover the dark circles around your eyes and any other spots you have on your face with concealer.

If you wish to cover all your face, you can do it with foundation, but choose a color that is close to your natural face color. As for the eyes, do not apply any dark eye shadows.

Choose warm colors and again more natural which to apply in the crease of the eye and in the inner corner of it. It will lighten up your look. The trick here is to make your eyes look bigger, so forget about applying any eyeliner.

The only black makeup product that you are allowed to use is mascara. You can also use a lash curler to make your eyes look bigger, which is another essential trick in the looking-younger makeup.

How to look older with makeup

If darker makeup is your enemy when trying to look younger, it is definitely your friend when you want to look older. The older you want to look, the darker makeup you should apply. If you are, for example, 15 years old, but you want to look 21, then try these makeup tricks. First, you should always have foundation, but a lighter one, closer to your natural face color. As for the eyes, again do not apply darker eye shadows, but black eyeliner is necessary. Black will make you look older. And do not forget to put on some lipstick. Pink and light brown lipstick will do the job.

And if you want to look even older, about 30 years old, do this with even darker makeup. It is again necessary to have foundation on, which this time it is preferable to be a bit darker than your natural face color. This time eye shadows should be darker, in gray or even black colors. Eyeliner and mascara are again essential makeup tools you will need to achieve the result. As for the lips, apply dark red lipstick. You can also line it with a lip pencil, which will make your lips even bigger and bolder. And if you want to look even older, you can contour your cheekbones a�� the sharper they are the older they will look.

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