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The Health Benefits of Honey


As November has crawled without us noticing it, we need to find some little weapons to tone ourselves maintain our beauty routine and keep ourselves healthy in the same time. One possibility is honey with its great nutritious benefits, healing abilities and even anti-aging effects. Homemade honey is something great, but not everyone has access to it. Still, it is good to know that not every product sold in the supermarket can actually benefit your organism as well as its purest possible form. Try to find a beekeeper who sells his own produced honey or an organic shop. You should also know that honey should not be in a liquid form, because that is not its most natural state: if it is runny that means it is either heat processed or contains glucose-fructose syrup which is not healthy.

In our first article about honey we will introduce to you its health benefits. It is actually a remedy for many things, so remember to stock up on it!

Its antibacterial properties help for stimulating the immune system, preventing and fighting colds, and improving the condition of your skin. It can be used on skin irritations, in cases of sore throat and cuts. Take a look at a few remedies that involve honey:

  • Honey relieves allergy symptoms. Since it contains pollen from plants in the region where it was produced, it introduces a little amount of the allergen into your organism and immune system. This activates it and with time you can build up your own natural immunity against allergens. Have a tablespoon of honey every morning a few months before allergy season. This will prepare your body for this annoying time of the year. Remember that the honey needs to be made in the same region where you live in order to contain the specific allergens that will irritate you!
  • Honey can help you fight hangover: strange, but true! The fructose that it contains helps your organism to break down alcohol faster, so on the morning after a crazy party just have a few spoons and wait for the effect to come!
  • Whenever you feel tired, honey can actually provide you with a boost of energy. The nutrients in it are a great source of energy if you do not want to sip on another cup of coffee!
  • Honey also improves digestion of food. It helps when your tummy is bloated and improves the health of your intestines. It relieves stomach irritations since it contains natural probiotics which help good bacteria develop in your intestines and for your digestion system to be as balanced as possible.

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