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The Best Beauty Treatment is Coming Right From Your Fridge


Sometimes the best solutions for our faces are not some pricey creams or procedures. Sometimes the secret is hidden somewhere close to us in out home. In this case in the fridge. The big thing that can helo you with several problems is ICE. Yes, the pure frozen water cubes. They can do miracles for puffy skin and many other conditions.

In winter when we wither get too much sleep on don’t get enough of it, we tend to wake up with puffy eyes. The under eye zone is tough to be cured from puffines. But hear that a�� you can use an ice cube wraped in a thin washing cloth to remove that. And also it helos with dark circles. So the next time you wake up like that a�� run to the fridge. Then use some concealer. Next thing you know those two problems are gone and you enjoy your day.

Sometimes we want to get rid of a pimple very fast. And we pick it until we kill it. Those places on the skin then hurt when beeing touched. What about putting an ice cube for a couple of seconds on it, so that the pain goes away.

Our pores are one of our greatest enemies. No matter what we do to make them look smaller they don’t to get bigger and have their own opinion about things. At some nights that we are going out we don’t have the time to make special treatment for the pores. Then is when the ice will help us. Just crab a cube and rub it in circular movements at the areas where you want to hide your pores for 15-30 seconds. And there you go! Bye, bye ginormous pores!

We girls do a lot of procedures to our faces and not only. Plucking our eyebrows or having upperlip wax can be as painful as hell for many of us. So what should we do in a situation like that a�� numb the place. There is no better numbing tool than ice, nor a more natural one. You can use it on different areas of your body to do stuff like that, but remember to not keep it on for too long a�� we don’t want you to freeze!

Sun and ice naturally go well toghether. We love sipping cocktails filled with ice on those beautiful beach bars while we are tanning. It all sounds amazing, until you get a sunburn. Thos sure hurt too much to even think about. For situations like that, you can be your own doctor by using freezed pure aloe. Use the tray where you usually put water to make it into ice cubes. Poor the aloe in it and leave it to freze. Then rub it agains the skin. This will soothe your pain and will reduce the sunburn redness.

And on those days when you just want to go out with a bare face and leave the make up at home you can help yourself to look glowier and with a rosy cheek just by usuing ice. Just rub some ice cubes against your face and enjoy your fresher look!

Did you already fill your refridgerator with ice?


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