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Summer Fashion Trends You Must Not Miss


There are more things the summer to show us before it is over. Some people have just started going shopping for the season and they are just in time to find some great summer sets with a little discount. If you are one of these people and still do not know which are this year’s summer trends, get a pen and a piece of paper and write them down, because the summer is not playing, but it is offering the best in its sleeves.

1. 90’s style

With fashion nothing is permanent, but also nothing is gone for good, so you probably won’t be surprised when you learn that one of this season’s fashion trends is borrowed from the past, and not any past, but the one we were born in, or the one that we grew up in. Of course, these are our sweet 1990s. Except from the careless life we led back in the days, we miss part of its fashion trends, like denim clothes, overalls, and big platform shoes like the ones, who the girls from Spice Girls used to wear. Well, if you miss all of this, you will be glad to know that you have the opportunity to get them out of your closet and to have a walk with them one more season. A huge hit this summer are the cropped tops in combination with high waist-ed skirts. And if you have always wanted to try some of the baggy clothes from the hood, this is the time to do it, because they are back.

2. Bohemian style

After we saw the fashion trends at Coachella this year, we were absolutely sure that the bohemian look will be part of this season’s fashion trends. And you have a lot of sets to choose from. Try with a pair of tight brown pants and a loose shirt in some light print, or you may like better a long casual bohemian dress, which you can match perfectly with a pair of flat sandals. When choosing a bohemian style shoes, stick to the natural colors, like brown, dark green or gold. A hit this summer are flats with a leaf element. And remember that if you what to dress in bohemian style, you should not be conventional, just think outside the box.

3. Ethnic style

If you wonder which are the ethnic elements in an outfit, think of traditional African outfits ans jewelries, made of wood or animal skin, or animal teeth and bones (of course, it should be just imitation, nobody want to hurt the animals). Think also about traditional native American outfits. This summer bird feathers are huge, not only in jewelry, but also in the dress industry. And a real native American would be nothing without their head band. There are some fashionable head bands made like braids, or others with the motifs you already know about a�� interesting patterns with earth colors and a lot of flowers, probably roses. This ethnic style is inspired by the fashion from the 1950s and 1960s.

4. Small bags and big jewelry

It is not necessary to bring all the things in your bag with you, so why stick to the big handbags? This season a new bag trend has conquered the fashion industry a�� small handbags or shoulder bags. Put only the things you need the most in it, like your keys, money, phone, sunglasses. You will feel much more lighter, that is if you are not going to the beach, then you will need a bigger bag where you can put your towel. And if these bags are too small for you, fashion trends will compensate you with bigger jewelries. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets a�� everything this season is big. You can absolutely match big earrings with big curly hair and will look fabulous. Another jewelry trend this summer is hair jewelry. You can try wearing a tiara, which you can personalize by tying a small scarf around it or to stick some flowers to it. It will be interesting and you can be sure that no one else will have the same tiara. As for the trend in sunglasses, you can freely experiment with colors a�� pink, yellow or green, the choice is yours. And since we talk about colors…

5. Aquamarine

You probably know about the color of the year a�� Marsala, and you can wear it not only with your clothes, but as a part of your makeup as well. But when we talk about the color of the summer, think about aquamarine. It is the color of the crystal clear water you will be swimming in, and the color of the beautiful blue sky that will be above you while you are sunbathing. If you want to match it with other colors, it is recommended that you do it only with white and gray, because they are the ones that will match it best.

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