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Micellar water for clean skin


With its combined action and physiological mycelial water formula combines four actions in one product – cleans, moisturizes , soothes and refreshes .
Micellar water leaves a feeling of purity , softness and comfort and is applicable to all skin types.
Micellar water is a new type of toilet water litse.Efikasno replaces cleansing milk , gel or tonic , removes even waterproof makeup, gently cleanses the eye area.
Its secret lies in the perfect balance between extremely fine oil particles and water. Invisible to the naked eye , these oil particles form micelles that hold dirt and makeup (including waterproof mascara ) on the surface of the skin, leaving it thoroughly cleaned.
Micellar water a physiologic formula that is consistent with the most sensitive skin . Floating on the water , micelles capture , detain and remove pollutants through its internal lipophilic part . A further active ingredients soften and moisturize the skin .

When and how to use the mycelial water?

Micellar water is so compatible with the skin, you can use Add opisaniepo anytime – morning ( to remove excess sebum and residues from the night cream ) during the day ( for skin ) and evening ( to remove light makeup , collected daytime dirt and hydration of the epidermis at night) .
Can equally be applied in the area of okolochniya contour on the eye ( to clean mascara and shadow ) and on the neck . Does not cause allergies and prepares skin for moisturizing your usual product.
Use mycelial water using a cotton swab in the morning and evening to feel much more energized and skin – healthy, hydrated and refreshed .


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