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Make-up Ideas for a Black Dress


Many women underestimate make-up, but the truth is that it is an important accessory. If you wonder what make-up products go well with a black dress, here are a few tips. You can either go for suave brown eyes, steel gray eyes, or smokey eyes. Gray matches well with black although it is a cold color. Use a black eyeliner to draw a thick line and then apply a white eyeliner. Brown is a sophisticated color that goes well with a black dress. You can opt for brown make-up if you are going to a business meeting or formal dinner. Use flesh tone or neutral eye shadows and a brown eyeliner. Red lips and black outfits go well together. Go for smokey eyes if you like this color shade. Another option is to use lip gloss or flesh tone shades. Stay away from maroon or pink lipsticks or you will look out of place and childish. You can use a plump-colored highlighter or red rouge depending on what eye shadows you choose

Finally, you can use loads of mascara on your eyes and neutral eye shadows. Go for glossy defined lips or nude lips and a cat eye liquid eyeliner.


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