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Main Trends in Bridal Hairstyles


Are you going to a wedding? And it’s not just another wedding, well … it’s yours! All eyes will be focused on the main person – the bride. All eyes will be on the bride’s appearance, dress, hairstyle and accessories. There are so many things to think about, right? Of course, we can not help you with everything at once, but to feel a real fairy princess in one of the most beautiful days in your life, we will give you a few original and stylish ideas on how to style your hair to match who you are and give you this unique, amazing look.

We are used to believe that the bun is a trademark of the wedding day. Yes, it really looks stylish, but honestly admit it, a little too boring! It is also the hairdressers that share the same opinion. This year, and at least for another one in the future, they have totally forgotten about the diligently swept hair in a bun, using dozens of hairpins and tone of hair spray. Instead, they recommend the brides to be far more modest. Here are some of the main trends in bridal hairstyles.

Wind in the hair

That is the style that you can achieve through casual curls that fall freely over your shoulders. This hairstyle may seem too simple, but it looks very gentle and softens the severity of your wedding dress. And if you pin a big flower on one side, it is sure to stun everyone!

Small caps

Instead veils, stylists recommend to bet on small stylish hats. Even though people might have forgotten about them and they might have turned a little rusty, but as you know – retro never goes out of fashion. A neat hat in a colour of lime or pink will provide for a great vintage effect.

A crown of wild flowers

This is guaranteed to make people look at you! More and more women prefer to bet on natural flowers in their hair instead of synthetic decorations. And, believe me, a few daisies in the curls will turn into a real forest fairy!

Braid on one side

Also simple, but insanely beautiful! Hair stylists advise to slightly disheveled the braid so that it looks more casual. You can combine this with a style fitting hat of lace and large scarlet flower on one side.

Before choosing on the final version for your amazing bridal hairstyle, each woman visits her stylist to try out what will look best on her. Whether you choose from stylish bun with beautiful curls or braids, hair must not only look beautiful, but also keep its charm during the whole celebration. When discussing ideas for your wedding hairstyle, pay attention to the small details and what works best for your style.

Many brides choose to put in their hair as an accent flowers, pebbles, hairpins and tiaras. They really look fabulous and make the hair look soft. If your dress is covered with shiny stones, you may want to add some crystals in your hair, too. Floral patterns call for a delicate lace veil or a flower.


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