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How To Wear Cardigans


As temperatures drop cardigans are becoming one of the most popular womena�?s clothing. The diversity the offer when it comes to colors, patterns and styles make them appropriate for every occasion and thata�?s why they are a mandatory piece in every fashionistaa�?s wardrobe. Here I am going to share with you some advice on how to wear cardigans in fall and winter and look cute and stylish at the same time.

The combination of leather jacket and a long cardigan has always been very trendy. When you go for this style, you must know that the cardigan should be longer than the jacket and preferably in a brighter color so it could be easily distinguished. If you are fully dressed in neutral colors, cardigans can be an excellent accent to your outfit.

Wider, boyfriend – looking cardigans are also in style this season. This type of cardigans go extremely well with a more casual outfit, such as shirt and jeans, so when you choose this type of cardigan take into consideration the casual wear you have a�� you dona�?t need to buy a piece of clothing that you dona�?t have anything to pair it with.

Short and tailored cardigans as an alternative to the bulky ones also remain fashionable for the season. They go well with everything and give your outfit a more feminine look. Of course, for the casual days the best way to pair such a cardigan is with jeans, ankle boots and a big, statement scarf.

Cardigans with wide sleeves go well in combination with formal dresses. They rule is that if the dress is in a bright color, the cardigan should be neutral and vice versa.

Cardigans with ankle length are eccentric, but at the same time give your outfit some dimension. They must be from a thinner material and in no case should be combined with thick and bulky clothes a�� the idea behind the ankle length cardigans is to give your outfit a relaxed and effortless feel, not to make you feel like a hobo.

If you want to wear a cardigan in the office, the most appropriate way is to combine it with a classic shirt and some pants. Stick to neutral colors like black, grey or brown to make the look more office a�� appropriate. You can add a brooch to make it more personalized and to make your whole outfit more unique. You can use the brooch instead of buttons of your cardigan doesna�?t have any.

No matter what your style and taste are, this season you should definitely go and buy some statement cardigans that you can pair with everything. My advice is to buy a more classic one in neutral colors, a bright one to use as an accent in your outfit and something thick that you can use instead of a jacket when the weather gets cold, but not enough to pull out your winter wear.


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