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How to Protect Your Nails in the Summer


Nails take such a small part of our body, and yet they are a huge part of our appearance and beauty. So, if you want to look absolutely perfect, you should take care of your hands and nails, especially in the summer when the sun and the sea water can damage them. You also should not forget that the beauty comes from within, both figuratively and literally, which in this case means that your nails can survive all kinds of weather. And here is how to protect them.

The sun
The strong sun in the summer does not only affect our skin, but also our nails. If they are exposed too long time to direct sunlight, they could start breaking much more easily. So, one of the best solutions in this case is to apply nail polish, and not just any nail polish, but one that will protect your nails from the ultra violet rays. If you apply a cheap product, the result will be even worse a�� they will turn yellow. And if your job forbids you from applying colorful nail polish, you can easily apply only nude color nail polish. It will do the same thing. And do not forget to reapply it once it starts peeling off, because your nails will need protection throughout the whole summer.

The sea water
An interesting fact is that if sea water is not very good for your hair, because it dries it out, it is actually quite good for your nails. It contains all the minerals they need to be strong and healthy. However, you should have one thing in mind, when you go to the beach, you should remove your nail polish, because it prevents your nails from breathing and they will not be able to get all the sea salt minerals they need. Of course, as it happens with every other thing, you should remember not to overdo it.

As mentioned above, the health and beauty of your nails will come from within, it is not important only to protect them from the environment, you also have to nourish them. In other words, you should eat foods that have all the minerals your nails need. You will not be surprised that your diet should include a lot of fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamins and minerals. Some of the most important vitamins for your nails are vitamin E and vitamin C. You should also drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of cheese if you want to have strong nails. Include in your diet all the products you can think of that have calcium. Fresh carrots are another good choice, because, except from your nails, they will also make your eyesight stronger.

You have probably noticed that from time to time, no matter how often you remove them, cuticles still appear around your nails. And the reason for this is simple a�� your skin and nails are just too dry, so they start in a very unpleasant way peeling off. If you want strong and beautiful nails, you should keep them well moisturized, and this is one of the essential things for the summer, as it is very hot, and they can easily get dry. Another thing that makes your hands dry is the ordinary soap which you wash your hands with. So, remember, every time you wash your hands, you need to apply a moisturizing cream on your hands, and do not forget about the nails. If your hands are too dry, you need to prepare a mask with mineral water. Keep it on your hands for at least 10 minutes, and if necessary repeat the procedure.

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