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How to Care for Suede Shoes


If you want to have elegant, useful and high quality shoes, the best choice is suede. This natural material is a type of animal skin and is used in a lot of shoes. Recently, it has become probably the most popular shoe material. Urban, elegant, sport and alpine shoes – suede is always preferred. It might not necessarily scream ‘expensive’, but it does say it gently as well as shows just how clever the owner is.
There is one thing that makes suede a feared shoe material, though. It is really hard to care for suede shoes. The worst enemy of suede shoes is water and actually any types of liquid. In fact, it does not only ruin the looks of the material by staining it permanently, but also turn the very insulation useless. Thus, it is vital to have a silicon-type impregnating spray for suede. Put it all over the shoes and leave it dry in a place that is not humid and has enough air circulation. Suede needs about 24 hours to dry entirely, but you need to make sure before actually putting them on in the rain. Be warned that, if you have forgotten to spray them on time, using hairdryer or radiators won’t do any good to your shoes.


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