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Good Dresses for Pregnant Women


Maternity clothes should be stylish, comfy, and flattering. Some women feel that all dresses which are marked as maternity clothes are suitable for pregnant women. The truth is that some dresses are inappropriate for your workplace. One idea is to buy a basic dress that you can wear to dinner and to work and combine it with a suit jacket. Opt for non-trendy, basic clothes. Maternity clothes are expensive if you come to think of it. You will be wearing some dresses for 2 a 3 months. You may regret investing your monthly budget in a designer dress.

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Most of your dresses will fit during the first trimester unless you are carrying twins. When you begin to grow, it is time to visit a specialty maternity store, the consignment store, or the department store. Look for dresses made from Lycra, cotton jersey, and other fabrics that stretch. Moreover, cotton and other breathable fabrics allow the body to breathe. If a dress feels uncomfortable or sticky, try another one. At home, you can wear a sun dress or a broom skirt during those days when all you do is relax in front of the TV.


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