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Do You Know That Your Nose Shape Says a Lot About Your Personality


This article has nothing in common A�with the usual information that I present to you, but at least it is curious.

There is a research (there are many researches these days) that connects certain shapes of nose to specific characteristic features. Take a look at the shapes of noses and how they indicate different characters:

  • Big nose. You can recognize this person as aA�leader, powerful person, huge ego and desire to work independently. People with big noses think big and don’t live to receive orders.

big nose

  • Small nose. People with small noses are great in group activities. They are creative and their imagination works on high speed. Sometimes they are a little bit short tempered, but this depends on the situation. They work hard and, usually, they are dedicated to their jobs entirely, they just love it.

small nose

  • Long nose. If your nose is long, you have a good sense of business and you are go-ahead personified.


  • Short nose. These people are best in making friends, because they are loyal and reliable.
  • Straight nose. Clever, helpful and discipline.
  • Hooked nose. A personA�with hooked nose is hard to get. If you want to get along with such a person, you have to show a lot of respect. These people have a personal opinion on every subject and they are not influenced by the masses.
  • Roman nose. One word – ambitious.
  • Wavy nose. Cheerful personality.
  • Nubian nose. Innovative, attractive, open minded, etc.

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