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Daily Routine Changes For Loosing Belly Fat


You can remove that belly bump only with some changes of your daily routine. Check those changes and try to make them in the sake of your flat belly.

First of all you should analyze which foods are causing belly inflammation and bloating. Most commonly such foods are fake butters, processed wheat, soy, corn and vegetable oils. But you should know that every body is unique and personally for you there might be some other foods that can make your belly bloat.

Your belly will shrink just after a week without sodas. The absence of soda drinks not only will make the stomach smaller, but also you will strongly reduce the intake of sugars and artificial sweeteners, which contribute to increased belly fat. When you are thirsty, you can easily drink teas, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. That will bring to your body nothing but pleasure. Cut the sodas to minimum intake and you will feel the difference sooner than you expect.

Be careful with the fruits and vegetablesA�too. Don’t trust the huge stores to buy fruits and vegetables from there. Try to find aA�localA�sourceA�ofA�fresh fruits and veggies and track down the produce. The more natural, the most healthy.

The grains are not your friends. Yes, they are nutritious, but the belly fat loves the grained meals. Don’t overeat with grains, cut the intakes to onceA�or twice a week.

The milk. Often people have some intolerance to cow’s milk dairy products, but they don’t really know that. If they feel that something is wrong with the body, they think that something else is causing the inconvenience, while the milk that they consume daily is causing this uncomfortable feeling. To solve this problem you can easily replace the cow’s milk with a coconut milk, also the belly fat will fade away in no time after that switch of milks.

The water. I even think that it is unnecessaryA�toA�remind you to drink much water. When the body is well hydrated, you are creating a great environment for burning fat, especially from the belly area.

The exercises. I know that it’s hard to make yourself to move a little bit, but at least try to make this exercise a daily thing – the plank. Get down on your forearms and toes and hold that way as long as you can, try to reach the 60 seconds hold. It will work on the whole body and also it will make the belly muscles strong.

Grass-fed meats are your only option for eating meat. It’s a well known fact that the grass-fed meats are naturally full of omega 3 fats with are working as a natural fat burning ingredient. Well, it’s best to eat fish to gain that Omega 3 fat, but you can eat fish all the time. So, go for the grass-fed meat and forget about the grain-fed one.

Increase your metabolism only with higher intake of coconut oil.

That one is the hardest -A�find a way to reduce the stress, caused by your dynamic daily routine. Sign in aA�yoga class or dancing one, anything you find enjoyable and relaxing. Just reduce the stress, often that’s the main remedy to deal with any kind of problems.


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