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Creative Make-up Ideas for Halloween


Whether you are buying an expensive outfit or making your own costume with some duct tape, thread, permanent markers, and needle, you are probably looking for make-up ideas. You can use black face paint to draw a face mask a and you are Batman now! If you are an artsy type of girl, you can draw light blue tears on your cheeks for an emo effect. Those who have make-up skills may try to recreate the Day of the Dead skull. Use your imagination and put flowers, stitches, colors, and anything else you want.

You can make fake blood at home using red, green, and blue food coloring, cornstarch or flour, and corn syrup. Combine 3 parts of corn syrup and 1 part of water and add red food coloring. Add slowly until you have the desired shade. Then add a few drops of blue and green to make it look more realistic. Finally, you should add flour or cornstarch to create the desired consistency. You can also make fake bruises using hand-sanitizer gel and black, yellow, purple, blue, and green permanent markers. Outline the bruise with the blue marker and draw splotches in different colors. Add gel and smear the splotches together.


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