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Coffee Benefits: 7 Reasons Why a Cup of Coffee per Day is Good For You


If you think to give up drinking coffee, because you`ve heard lots of controversial statements about it, we advise you to gather some more information, before taking such drastic measures. Actually there are scientific studies that a cup of coffee per day could be quite beneficial for most of the people. These are 7 reasons why you should not “blacklist” it.

1. Coffee does not lead to body dehydration

It is true that caffeine has diuretic effect, however you need an intake of over 550 mg in order to feel it. A cup of coffee usually contains not more than 100mg of caffeine.

2. Coffee reduces the heart attack risks

Actually in reasonable doses, coffee reduces the risk of many heart diseases. Many people who suffer high blood pressure may give up drinking coffee, because they consider it could worsen their condition, but according to recent studies there is no correlation between coffee and heart diseases. Just a warning – other studies show that caffeine could be harmful, but only when it comes from other caffeine – containing drinks.

3. Coffee reduces the risk of some cancer types

In the 80s , there was a study, showing that coffee could increase the risk of pancreatic cancer . However, in 2007 this statement was busted as the scientists admitted that coffee is not carcinogen itself. Unlike cigarettes – which usually accompany it. What`s more, today many scientists even claim that coffee could significantly reduce the risk of some cancer types
4. The coffee cream contains lots of calcium

The claim that coffee leads to excessive excretion of calcium has been rejected. Caffeine does have such an effect, however the loss is so insignificant that such a warning is pointless. The possible shortage of calcium for some coffee-lovers could be caused by the fact that they traditionally simply use less dairy products on a daily basis.
5. Coffee is refreshing and enhances the mood

It is a proven scientific fat – coffee gives us energy, makes us happier and helps us concentrate better. However, if you are diagnosed with psychotic disorder, it is recommended to stop drinking it.

6. Coffee helps recovery after physical exercise

That`s why most of the energy drinks contain large doses of caffeine. According to some estimations, it increases the body`s ability to recover its muscle tonus by up to 60%. Scientists say this is caused by its ability to accelerate the carbohydrates absorption, which actually energizes the muscles.

7. Coffee prevents diabetes and Alzheimer disease

This is what the results from the most recent studies show. Caffeine protects the brain cells from the impact of bad cholesterol, which is the main reason for developing Alzheimer`s disease. Other studies show that coffee-lovers suffer diabetes type 2 less frequently.

These are 7 reasons why coffee could be good for you, but don`t forget it also has its disadvantages. First of all caffeine could be addictive, so be careful. What`s more is you are a coffee-addict, the lack of your daily does could lead to issues such as severe headache, inability to concentrate and even low self esteem. That`s why the recommended dose is just one cup of coffee per day. Don`t be tempted to drink too much – the effect won`t be what you expected.



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