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Choosing a Dress for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony


Many women wear a wedding gown at their vow renewal ceremony. Others dislike the idea of wearing a traditional dress. If you are one of them, avoid cathedral length, princessy, and puffy styles. Wearing a veil is a no-no but get your hair done.

The dress you choose should be appropriate for the location and setting. For example, if you plan to throw a party at the country club, you can choose a cocktail dress. Buy a more conservative dress if the ceremony will be at the local church. Whether you go for a sophisticated, sassy, or elegant gown, choose a dress that reflects you. You can buy a dress in pink, red, or any other color you like. Put a flower in your hair and get a dress that is elegant, lacy, and flowy. Your best bet is a dress that is casual, fun, flirty and flowy at the same time. Go for a beachy and comfy dress if you are holding a beach vow renewal ceremony. This is the right time to make yourself the center of attention. Complete your outfit with stylish high heels and matching accessories. You can opt for a silver or gold bracelet and matching earrings.


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