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A Guide to Different Types of Dresses


There is a large variety of dresses for every style, from sheath dresses and shirt dresses to wrap dresses and sundresses. The wrap dress sits well on women with different body shapes. It is a good choice for women who want to de-emphasize their waist size. The sheath dress is another type that has no waist seam. Sheath dresses are sleeveless and were popular in the 60s. AThe maxi dress is another variety that was popular in the 60s and 70s. The top looks like a halter top or a sundress. This type is ideal for women who prefer more casual styles. The shirt dress comes with sleeves, a shirt collar, and a button-down bodice, attached to a skirt. You can match a skirt dress with a scarf, accessories, and pearls.

Dresses come in different designs and styles, including ragged, casual, and formal. The pinafore or jumper dress is designed as a sleeveless dress for winter and summer wear. You can wear it over a blouse or a layering top. The tea gown and the dinner dress are semi-formal, feminine gowns while the ball gown is a formal dress that comes with a trained or sweeping skirt.


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