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12 Interesting Underwear Facts


Wearing underwear is something natural for most of us. It is just a part of our agenda. Take a shower, put on clean underwear, then choose the right clothes and then go. There is underwear for everyday and there is special, usually sexy lingerie, usually worn on special occasions. But what do we actually know about underwear, apart from the famous manufacturers? Well, we have prepared 12 pretty interesting facts, which could be a very good ice breaker in many situations.

1.64% of all women wear the wrong bra size. This results in problems from inconvenience to breast problems. That`s why it is highly recommended to keep an eye on your bra. It should be neither too tight, not too wide and the cups should perfect match your breasts size.

2. 10% of men prefer boxers, 40% are keen on slips and 25% are huge fans of tight boxers. The rest probably prefer the freedom no underwear could give them.

3. The biggest bra in the world has been made of 70m textile. I could not imagine its owner … if there`s any!

4. The average American woman has about 21 lingerie sets. Plus 2 more, hidden in the wardrobe for special occasions only, probably.

5. The “Push up” bra should not be worn for more than 2 hours per day, according to mammalogists. The pressure it creates could lead to the formation of tumors, including cancer.

6. The first bra has been invented in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacob. She took two silk handkerchiefs and, with help from her maid, sewed them together using some pink ribbon and cord. Her husband approved the idea and she sold the patent.

7. In Europe, woman started wearing underwear much later than men. For example, in England, wearing underwear became common among women at the end of 18th century.

8. Jack Singer of Warwick wore 215 pairs of underwear simultaneously on June 13, 2010. At this time he was 10 years old. By doing so, he broke the previous record of 200 pairs.

9. The largest amount of large bras is being sold in the UK, while China is a leader with the smaller sizes.

10. Every woman wears about 5 different bra sizes on average throughout her life.

11. Women in Italy wear red lingerie at New Years night, as they believe this will bring them lots of luck and happiness.

12. 60% of the French men change their underwear daily. Well, it would have been netter if they were 100%, but 60 will do, too.

These were 12 of the most interesting facts about underwear. Share them with your friends and if you know some more intriguing stories about underwear – feel free to let us know!


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